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Visual Arts

At Denver Academy, our multi-faceted Arts & Media programs are designed to develop awareness and appreciation of the creative aspects of life. We recognize that fine arts are a vital part of a young person's development.

Denver Academy's Visual Arts program teaches to a strength that many of our students possess: the ability to express and communicate through artistic creativity. In this area, many students blossom in a way they never have before. They are encouraged in an area that complements their own unique abilities and are asked to explore and discover. The Visual Arts program allows students the opportunity to be passionate about their creativity and gives them a sense of purpose and pride.

Our studio-based program provides a hands-on approach to guiding students in ways of communication used in everyday life by giving them the skills to successfully express themselves creatively. We focus on campus-wide subject integrations with a multimedia approach utilizing diverse materials in areas such as drawing, painting, ceramics, silk-screen printing, and sculpture.

Additionally, a perennial favorite student elective is Metal Arts. In the Saipe Metal Arts Studio students learn general safety precautions and job skills in oxyacetylene and MIG welding, gas and plasma cutting; the operation of the chop saw, drill press, band saw, angle grinder, and hand tools; the application of trade math; metallurgy; the basics of drafting and blueprint reading; and the rules of shop safety. After completing required safety skills tests and assigned projects, students design and fabricate practical and artistic projects of their own. Advanced students practice more complex skills and design increasingly advanced fabrication projects. This course emphasizes teamwork, problem solving, and manual skill building.

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    Kris Fritzsche 

    Arts & Media Teacher, Welding Instructor
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    Arts & Media Teacher
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    Arts & Media Teacher