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Digital Arts & Film

Digital Arts

The Denver Academy digital arts courses provide the opportunity for students to use the computer as a tool to create a large variety of visual imagery including photography, animations, graphic designs, and yearbooks. Self-expression, computer basics and the elements and principles of art and design combine to create an exciting atmosphere in which students brainstorm ideas, grow their technical skills and produce meaningful artwork.

In our growing world of screens, marketing and interconnectivity, it's extremely important for students to have an understanding of art and technology. They are exposed to thousands of visual images on a daily basis which can affect their thinking, their learning and the quality of their lives. Denver Academy's Arts & Media department provides a safe environment led by teachers with years of experience who truly care about students and whose main goal is to develop students' communication and technology skills, artistic talent, and media awareness.

Film & Video

Denver Academy's film & sound design courses provide many fantastic opportunities for students and teachers to collaborate on a wide variety of creative projects. From the initial idea to the final edit, students work in production groups to bring their visions to light.

The histories of film, video, and sound are taught at all levels so that students can better understand how storytelling through moving images has evolved over the past 100 years, and where it is headed in the 21st century. Students learn about the different roles of the filmmaker, from writer and producer to director and editor. We teach ways to take an idea through the five steps of production: from conception and development through pre-production, production, post production (editing), and distribution. 
Students also learn that leadership, teamwork, communication, discipline, and problem solving are essential ingredients of being a good storyteller.

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    Katie Bradford 

    Arts & Media Coordinator
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    Kris Fritzsche 

    Arts & Media Teacher, Welding Instructor
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    Tommy Laird 

    Arts & Media Teacher
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    Kayla Wheat 

    Arts & Media Teacher