Sixth Grade

Why a 6th Grade Division?

The concept of a 6th grade division is unique to Denver Academy. Because we know that the 6th grade year is vital to achieving successful readiness level for the transition to middle school, both academically and socially. This is why our DA 6th-graders get a division of their own which includes four homeroom teachers, teaching assistants and a division dean.

In order to prepare our students for middle school, each 6th-grade homeroom has a middle school buddy class that they connect with throughout the year. 


In sixth grade, students are placed in one of our four homerooms, meeting them at their academic level and pushing them toward independence while providing a safe and nurturing environment. With small class sizes, unique to DA, teachers are able to diversify their lessons while forming a relationship with each student. 

In addition to our core classes (Language Arts, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies), each student is taught about Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences. Developmentally, this helps each student achieve an understanding of self and an ability to self-advocate—key skills for navigating the teenage years. Character development is also very important and students are taught our core values of respect and responsibility along with the virtues of empathy and resilience throughout the year.

Ultimately, we strive to show students that learning can be invigorating and fun!

After School Sports Program and Homework club are also available to sixth-grade students.

Meet the 6th Grade Team

List of 7 members.

  • Photo of Lori Hull

    Lori Hull 

    Head of Lower School
  • Photo of Barrie Bodden

    Barrie Bodden 

    Dean of 6th Grade/Director of Summer Program
  • Photo of Sara Bailey

    Sara Bailey 

    6th Grade Teacher
  • Photo of Emily Garbus

    Emily Garbus 

    6th Grade Teacher
  • Photo of Mary Owen

    Kate Owen 

    6th Grade Teacher
  • Photo of Jessica Prezkuta

    Jessica Prezkuta 

    Assistant to Lower School Head/Teacher's Assistant
  • Photo of Ashley Watkins

    Ashley Watkins 

    Middle School Teacher