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Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees 2023-24

Kent Berke, Board Chair & Chair of New Facilities Committee
Polly Breit, Chair of Governance Committee
Dr. Ed Callahan, Chair of Strategic Planning Committee
Bryan Hassler, Vice-Chair & Chair of Head Support &
Evaluation Committee
Sheryl Stefaniak, Chair of Development Committee
Jim Friedberg, Chair of Finance Committee

Scott Arthur
Tim Healy '06
Earl Hoellen
Bryce Johnson '00
Vanecia Kerr
Jim Langley
Mary Lester
Amy Messenger
Reed Stilwell
Deb Woodward
Ex-Officio Trustees
Mark Twarogowski, Head of School
Barrie Bodden, Faculty Representative
Willa Fawer, DAPA President
Amy Stettner, Alumni Association President

Emeritus Trustees
Dr. Ed Callahan
Jim Dierker
Dr. Nancy Gary
Phil Johnson
Steve Mooney
* Tim O'Connor
Kristy Taddonio Mullins

* Deceased