High School | Grades 9-12

Discover Your Goals & Reach Your Potential

Our high school program is designed to address the educational needs of each student’s learning profile to help them reach their potential. In high school, we offer several levels within each subject to allow students to develop their learning strengths while remediating their areas of need. Students are also given structure and support through tools including memorization strategies, organization, note-taking, and study skills while maintaining high accountability. All lesson plans are designed to address multiple learning styles and utilize technology, art, and hands-on projects with engaged learning. All students also participate in community service on a regular basis. 
In addition to our curriculum, we also offer and encourage students to take Spanish as a year-long elective during all four years of high school. We strongly encourage all 9th-graders to take Spanish I, as this provides students the opportunity to further coursework in Spanish and meets the minimum requirement set by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education. 

High school requires a renewed focus on time and stress management and students are encouraged to find outlets in Arts and Physical Education to balance and nurture themselves. Please view our High School Course Maps listed below for a more detailed view of how students progress through academic courses.

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  • High School Course Maps

    Click here to view the overall High School Course Map providing an overview of the academic subjects of science, social studies, mathematics, and language arts.

    Click here for a detailed High School Mathematics Course Map. 

    Two electives are offered each quarter including Spanish, PE, Music, and Visual and Performing Arts.
  • Graduation Requirements

    Denver Academy's graduation requirements include the minimum courses required to graduate, as well as recommendations for those bound for four-year, public colleges within the state of Colorado. All DA High School students receive college/post-graduation counseling as part of their tuition and are encouraged to pursue the post-graduate plan that's the right fit for them. 

    Click here to download DA's Graduation Requirements and Recommendations. 
  • High School Athletics

    At Denver Academy, we offer a wide variety of sports in which students can participate, both recreationally and competitively. We have a no-cut policy that allows students to try new sports they may not have been able to participate in previously.

    Click here to read more about Athletics at Denver Academy.
  • Clubs, Groups & Organizations

    DA High School Students have the opportunity to participate in a range of after-school clubs, along with groups and organizations such as National Honor Society, Student Senate, International Thespian Society, National Art Honor Society and more. 

    Click here for information on Clubs, Groups & Organizations at DA.