High School | Grades 9-12

High School Overview

Our high school program is designed to address the educational needs of each student's individual learning profile to help them reach their academic potential. 

Our program focuses on:
  • Flexible Placement: We offer several levels within each subject to allow students to develop their learning strengths while remediating their areas of need.
  • Structure and Support: Students are given the tools to achieve academic success, including memorization strategies, organization, note-taking, and study skills while maintaining high accountability and high support.
  • Engaged Learning: Lesson plans are designed to address multiple learning styles and utilize technology, art, and hands-on projects.
High school requires a renewed focus of time and stress management and students are encouraged to find outlets in Arts and Physical Education to balance and nurture themselves. Please view our course mapping guide for a more detailed view of how students progress through academic courses.

9th Grade

The Ninth Grade year is designed to encourage and facilitate transition on all fronts. Personal evolution is a constant in this transition to high school and through clear and effective communication, faculty members are well established as mentors in the process. Each student must begin to take an active role in his or her own education; in doing so, we can collectively work toward post-graduation goals. The Ninth Grade has its own building - Mustang Hall - for homeroom and core class periods and students also transition to other buildings for classes. Additionally, science and elective classes change quarterly.

10th Grade

During 10th Grade, we strive to illuminate learning strengths and facilitate character development while maintaining academic integrity and providing choices and opportunities for the future of our students. We value communication, teamwork, consistency, individual student needs, character education and relationships. Through community service activities and monthly field trips, the 10th grade strives to increase civic engagement, promote social responsibility, and make positive contributions to our Denver Academy and Colorado communities.

11th Grade

The Junior year is pivotal for students in terms of future planning and decision-making. Whether college bound or career oriented, each student assumes the reins of one’s own existence. As a foundational platform, the Junior Division utilizes the six key elements from Lawrence H. Summer’s educational essay, “What You (Really) Need to Know.” College investigations are a primary focus, done in cooperation with Denver Academy’s Department of College & Transition Counseling. The Junior year requires students to step up in academic expectation and effort, especially in the areas of chemistry, upper level math, contemporary US history, and literature.

12th Grade

Senior year students are expected to maintain increased academic rigor both in terms of degree of difficulty and pacing. The curriculum is demanding and as the year progresses, students have more long-term projects. An emphasis is placed on post-secondary planning, independent study and life skills, complete with summer reading, guest speakers, fall senior retreat, and a senior symposium. Each student continues to work with their individual advisor to map out post-secondary plans.

High School > Spanish

Denver Academy offers students the opportunity to take Spanish as a year-long elective during all four years of high school. We strongly encourage all 9th graders to take Spanish I, as this provides students the opportunity for further coursework in Spanish and meets the minimum requirement set by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education. Students are strongly encouraged to identify the specific foreign language requirements of the college they wish to attend.
Spanish is taught by Molly Mulligan-Weekley.

High School Faculty

List of 28 members.

  • Photo of Mark Wood

    Mark Wood 

    Head of High School
  • Photo of Chad Lindburg

    Chad Lindburg 

    Dean of 12th Grade
  • Photo of Matthew Roberts

    Matt Roberts 

    Dean of 11th Grade
  • Photo of Perry Butler

    Perry Butler 

    Dean of 10th Grade
  • Photo of Jennifer Walker

    Jenni Walker 

    Dean of 9th Grade
  • Photo of Diane Berry

    Diane Berry 

    Assistant to High School Head, Registrar
  • Photo of Jill Corbin

    Jill Corbin 

    Director of College & Transition Counseling
  • Photo of Mindy Adair

    Mindy Adair 

    Director of Mathematics & Technology Integration Specialist
  • Photo of Scott Allen

    Scott Allen 

    12th Grade Teacher
  • Photo of Ramsey Brookhart

    Ramsey Brookhart 

    High School Teacher
  • Photo of Robert Duhamel

    Bobby Duhamel 

    High School Teacher
  • Photo of Katey Frankel

    Katey Frankel 

    10th Grade Teacher
  • Photo of Alyssa Gafvert

    Alyssa Gafvert 

  • Photo of Kacie Ireland

    Kacie Ireland 

    Teaching Assistant
  • Photo of Andrew Klaus-Corritore

    Andy Klaus-Corritore 

    High School Teacher
  • Photo of Kristi Mackenzie

    Kristi Mackenzie 

    High School Teacher
  • Photo of Gary McMillin

    Gary McMillin 

    High School Teacher
  • Photo of Fred Miller

    Fred Miller 

    High School Teacher
  • Photo of Jillian Mitchell

    Jill Mitchell 

    High School Teacher
  • Photo of Molly Mulligan-Weekley

    Molly Mulligan-Weekley 

    Spanish Teacher
  • Photo of Lucy Prewitt

    Lucy Prewitt 

    High School Teacher
  • Photo of Alan Price

    Alan Price 

    High School Teacher
  • Photo of William Sledge

    Will Sledge 

    High School Teacher
  • Photo of Shelby Soto

    Shelby Soto 

    High School Teacher
  • Photo of Kirsten Wander

    Kirsten Wander 

    High School Teacher
  • Photo of Cayla Warneke

    Cayla Warneke 

    High School and Spanish Teacher
  • Photo of Aaron Williams

    Aaron Williams 

    High School Teacher
  • Photo of Wanda Zimmermann

    Wanda Zimmermann 

    High School Teacher