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At Denver Academy, we strive to assist each student on his or her path to post-secondary success. College and post-secondary preparation are embedded in everything we do from elementary school through senior year. We accomplish this not only through teaching academics but also by helping our students become strong self-advocates. 


Denver Academy's College and Transition Counseling Program equips every student with the skills and knowledge to design a realistic post-secondary plan that aligns with their strengths and interests. This discussion begins in 9th Grade to ensure students have the time and tools necessary. Our College and Transition Counseling professionals provide guidance in selecting and applying to colleges and other post-secondary options. Students receive support in college essay writing and editing, requesting transcripts and letters of recommendation, and exploring scholarship opportunities. 

While 80-90% of our graduates matriculate annually to a four-year college or university, we understand college isn’t the path for everyone. DA students can explore varied post-secondary options, including entering the workforce, embarking on a military service career, taking a gap year, or enrolling in vocational or technical school. DA's College and Transition Counseling services are provided for students as part of their tuition.  

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  • Scope & Sequence

    Our College and Transition curriculum is holistic and developmental in nature. We support academic preparedness and believe that social and life skills must be thoroughly developed. Our annual post-secondary education programs begin in 9th Grade, and a highly structured curriculum is taught in grades 11 and 12. Each student develops an understanding of their own strengths and learning styles, resulting in lifelong self-advocacy skills. For a complete timeline of the College & Transition Counseling Program, please read our Scope & Sequence.
  • The Process

    Through close relationships with College & Transition counselors, Denver Academy students are able to successfully navigate and actively choose a post-secondary path that best matches their interests, strengths, and learning needs. We begin meeting individually with students in the spring of their junior year and will meet four times in hour-long conversations to identify the best post-secondary path for each student. Meetings involve the student, parent(s), and the College & Transition Counselor. 
  • Standardized Testing: Accommodations

    Many students benefit from receiving accommodations on standardized tests. These accommodations can come in the form of extra time, testing over multiple days, the use of a computer for the writing portion, and having someone read the questions out loud. Need help? Read our step-by-step overview of how to apply for accommodations on the ACT or SAT.


The College & Transition Counseling Team uses SCOIR to support the post-secondary search and application process.
SCOIR is a solution for students, parents, counselors, and colleges focused on finding the right fit through a unified college search and planning network. Contact Mrs. Umana for help with accessing your account. 

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    Aurora Umana-Arko 

    Director of College & Transition Counseling
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    Amethyst King 

    Senior Seminar Teacher
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    Monet Duhamel 

    Assistant to 12th Grade/College & Transition Counseling
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    Casie Myers 

    ACT Special Testing & Accommodations Coordinator, Program Development Assistant, 11th Exec Assistant
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    Diane Berry 

    Assistant to High School Head, Registrar

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