Arts & Media

DA's Arts & Media Program

At Denver Academy, our multi-faceted Arts & Media Program is designed to develop awareness and appreciation of the creative aspects of life. We recognize that fine arts are a vital part of a young person's development.

Our program supports a strength that many of our students possess: the ability to express and communicate through artistic creativity. In this area, many students blossom in a way they never have before. They are encouraged in areas that complement their own unique abilities and are asked to explore and discover.

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  • Digital Arts

    The Denver Academy digital arts courses provide the opportunity for students to use the computer as a tool to create a large variety of visual imagery including photography, animations and graphic design. Self-expression, computer basics and the elements and principles of art and design combine to create an exciting atmosphere in which students brainstorm ideas, grow their technical skills and produce meaningful artwork.

    Film & Video
    Denver Academy's film & sound design courses cover the history of film, video, and sound taught at all levels so that students can better understand how storytelling through moving images has evolved over the past 100 years, and where it is headed in the 21st century. Students learn about the different roles of the filmmaker, from writer and producer to director and editor. We teach ways to take an idea through the five steps of production: from conception and development through pre-production, production, post-production (editing), and distribution. Students also learn that leadership, teamwork, communication, discipline, and problem-solving are essential ingredients of being a good storyteller.
  • Metal Arts

    A favorite student elective is metal arts. In the Saipe Metal Arts Studio, students learn general safety precautions and job skills in oxyacetylene and MIG welding, gas and plasma cutting; the operation of the chop saw, drill press, band saw, angle grinder, and hand tools; the application of trade math; metallurgy; the basics of drafting and blueprint reading; and the rules of shop safety. After completing required safety skills tests and assigned projects, students design and fabricate practical and artistic projects of their own. Advanced students practice more complex skills and design increasingly advanced fabrication projects. This course emphasizes teamwork, problem-solving, and manual skill-building.
  • Music

    In our curriculum, all areas of musical intelligence are incorporated as a goal to bring music to all students. Classes include guitar, choir, and a marching drumline. In music exploration, students learn how to truly listen to musical composition, perform on a variety of instruments, and translate what they hear in the musical world around them. Denver Academy's Music Program has also been incorporated into various classrooms across the campus. This interdisciplinary approach has been used in Math, History, English, Art, and Drama classes.
  • Theatre

    Denver Academy's Theatre Program recognizes that students struggle without a sense of passion, purpose, and self-worth. Through drama, students learn that they are talented, capable human beings. Many students who have struggled in their academic life, blossom in the performing arts and develop the self-discipline and confidence necessary to work hard and strive for success.
    The Theatre Program is offered to all students, from elementary through high school. In the younger grades, students are introduced to theater through creative play, team building, and storytelling. In the upper grades, the emphasis is on performance. Classes include advanced improvisation, set design, one-act plays, and story/character development, all utilizing theater games, short-form, and long-form. Emphasis is also placed on script analysis, character study, motivation, memorization, movement, projection, diction, focus, sound/lighting, publicity, directing, costume and prop design, with the final goal being production and performance.
    We frequently partner with Language Arts and other core curricula to enhance the learning experience. This unique opportunity to perform as a team extends into the classroom and creates bonds that last a lifetime.
    Learn more about current productions and make reservations on the class production site.
  • Visual Arts

    The Visual Arts Program allows students the opportunity to be passionate about their creativity and gives them a sense of purpose and pride.
    Studio-based Program
    Our studio-based program provides a hands-on approach to guiding students in ways of communication. We focus on campus-wide subject integrations with a multimedia approach utilizing diverse materials in areas such as drawing, painting, ceramics, silk-screen printing, and sculpture.