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Dateline DA is a monthly e-newsletter for the Denver Academy community including alumni, parents and friends. Dateline serves to highlight and report on important school issues and events, as well as topics that relate to diverse learners, learning differences and the educational community at large. Comments, story ideas, and submissions are welcome. Please contact Communications at Denver Academy.

Denver Academy also sends out weekly event emails to current parents--or others who would like to receive them--to provide a quick snapshot of happenings on campus. We send out two emails each week: one for the Lower Division (Elementary and Middle) and one for the High School.


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  • February

    Elementary School Blog 2017: Kicking off the Year with Kindness

    Jennifer Perry
    Kicking off the Year with Kindness
    The Elementary Division has been off to a great start in 2017! We kicked off the new year with Kindness Week as a way to apply lessons learned during our character education classes. Students participated in daily goal challenges, such as giving a compliment to a peer or lending a helping hand. The students all wore Dude. Be Nice t-shirts for an assembly where students were recognized for participation. This year, the Elementary classes have been participating in Tribes once a week where students from each class get together for an activity. It has been a great way for our division to work together and build community.
    Winter is a great time head out of the classrooms on field trips to make connections to social studies and science units. Ms. Pollard’s and Ms. Senne’s classes visited the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. In addition to seeing an Imax documentary on Extreme Weather, students visited exhibits including Gems and Minerals, Space, and Destination Health. Ms. Grange’s class visited History Colorado where they toured the Native American exhibits and Denver A to Z.  
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  • January

    Visiting Author Sparks Collaborative Lessons

    Jolene Gutierrez, DA Librarian
    Author Jason Reynolds Visits DA February 24

    I’ll tell you what I tell our students: Jason Reynolds is a big deal. His books have been recognized with the Coretta Scott King Award multiple times, he won the inaugural Walter Dean Myers Award, and his book Ghost was a National Book Award finalist. He’s been interviewed by NPR, School Library Journal, Kirkus, and The Washington Post. I told you, right? He’s a big deal, and we’re honored to be able to welcome him to Denver Academy. Through a partnership with Tattered Cover Book Store, Jason will speak with our 6th-8th grade students on Friday, February 24.
    Recently, our teachers’ book club chose to read his books and over 20 teachers participated. As we read his books, we collaborated. Ms. Buonomo in Digital Arts, Ms. Wheat in the Art Department, Ms. Bradford in the Drama Department, Mr. Fritzsche in the welding studio, Mr. Loose in music, coaches in our PE department, Ms. Zaletel’s knitting club, and classroom teachers are helping to create learning opportunities around Jason’s books and get our kids excited. And it’s working. Even though our library owns 10 or more copies of his titles, and even though many of our students are buying their own copies, I still have a wait list for Jason’s books.
    Jason’s honest writing and well-developed characters are something that our community connects with. His characters feel like real people to us. We love Ghost, Genie, Ali, Matt, and Rashad. We get to know them, their families, and their struggles. And then, we want to know Jason. Kids are excited to read Jason’s books, teachers are excited to teach and collaborate around Jason’s books, and most of all, we’re excited to meet Jason.  

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  • High School Solar Car Construction

    DA High School Students Help Lead Million Solar Stars Initiative

    Adam Hall, Million Solar Stars
    DA students are helping lead a Million Solar Stars (MSS) initiative to raise awareness for expanding solar power at schools in Denver, Dubai, and beyond. The MSS project is a platform for students to engage with hands-on solar power lessons inside classrooms and on campuses.  Learners build solar light models, participate in solar challenges, and design, build and race solar model cars. 

    MSS students practice leadership skills through raising awareness and support for solar power and engage school administrators and community members with presentations and multi-media productions. Additionally, students help analyze potential rooftop and ground mounted sites for solar. MSS students have observed pilot solar array installations at schools in Denver, Colorado, Shanghai, China, and will soon observe a pilot solar array installation by CitySolar at Universal American School in Dubai. 
    Once the pilot system is up and running, learners study and analyze solar monitoring data with science, math, and business lessons.  Students then work with school administers and community businesses to determine whether large scale solar arrays on their school make educational, environmental, and economic sense.

    As a pilot project, Denver Academy MSS students are raising awareness and support to bring solar lights to a school in Bangkok during their summer experiential trip.  The goal is to utilize solar lights for science and math lessons and enable kids to read and do homework at night.  Additionally, we're working to install solar power at the Bangkok school we will be visiting. The solar array will provide clean energy for the school. Ultimately, MSS students are interested in helping facilitate additional schools in developed countries to partner with schools in developing countries to support and expand solar light learning. 

    MSS has had success expanding solar power to schools in Dubai, UAE, Shanghai, China, Denver, Colorado, USA, and hopefully soon, to schools in Kenya and other countries in Africa.  Million Solar Stars has gained endorsement from Dr. Jane Goodall and Professional Racecar Driver, Stefan Wilson.  We are raising awareness and support to expand solar power at additional schools in the United States, UAE, Africa, China, Central America, and beyond.  

    In December, DA students used Million Solar Stars Starter Kits to build solar cars and are learning about solar as part of their science and math curriculum. To find out more about Million Solar Stars, visit the website,
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