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The Denver Academy Music department believes that music is an essential component of the education of all students. Through music, students are able to awaken and amplify their multiple intelligences and become more rounded citizens. Music also increases students' awareness of individual differences and cultural diversity. It provides for emotional expression, intrinsic worth, and an opportunity to explore our culture as well as others.

Learning music is the only subject that encompasses the entire body, both physically and mentally, and uses both sides of the brain. It is proven that students who study an instrument do better in their other studies and increase their IQ.

In our curriculum, all areas of musical intelligence are incorporated as a goal to bring music to all students. Classes ranging from music appreciation to marching drum line offer our students a wide range of musical interests. In music exploration, students learn how to truly listen to musical composition, perform on a variety of instruments and translate what they hear in the musical world around them. Denver Academy's Music program has also been incorporated into various classrooms across the campus. This interdisciplinary approach has been used in Math, History, English, Art, and Drama classes.

Music Faculty

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    Katie Bradford 

    Arts & Media Coordinator
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    Paul Loose 

    Music Teacher