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Denver Academy's Theatre program recognizes that students struggle without a sense of passion, purpose, and self-worth. Through drama, students learn that they are talented, capable human beings. Many students who have struggled in their academic life, blossom in the performing arts and develop the self-discipline and confidence necessary to work hard and strive for success.

At Denver Academy, the Theatre program is offered to all students, elementary through high school. In the younger grades, students are introduced to theater through creative play, team building, and storytelling. In the upper grades, the emphasis is on performance. Classes include advanced improvisation, set design, one-act plays and story/character development, all utilizing theater games, short form, and long form. Emphasis is also placed on script analysis, character study, motivation, memorization, movement, projection, diction, focus, sound/lighting, publicity, directing, costume and prop design, with the final goal being production and performance.

We frequently partner with Language Arts and other core curricula to enhance the learning experience. The senior Literature class and the Drama department co-produce a Shakespeare play each year as a culmination of their unit on Shakespeare. Oedipus, A Streetcar Named Desire, Alice in Wonderland, Les Miserables, and many other extraordinary plays have also been vehicles for the deeper study of literature. In theatre, students discover that literature comes to life through understanding, practice and performance. Many Denver Academy teachers also perform in productions with the students, allowing teacher and student to see each other in a whole new light. They become equals in their struggle to achieve a great performance. This unique opportunity to perform as a team extends into the classroom and creates bonds that last a lifetime.

Learn more about current productions and make reservations on the class production site.

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