Huzzah! Unparalleled SmartLab Access Coming Soon

The Campos EPC Foundation has done it again! The good folks at the foundation donated funds to Denver Academy to build a SmartLab in our high school division. The High School Campos EPC SmartLab is on track to open in Room 119 in Richardson Hall when school starts in August 2023. Students will engage in learning units with hands-on kits and integrated, interdisciplinary software related to:

-Electricity (physics, circuitry)
-Audio video production
-Computer programming
-Digital design including 3-dimensional design and modeling
-Creating simple and complex machines
-Gathering scientific data and testing hypotheses
-Designing and testing renewable energy sources
-Algebraic concepts

While Room 119 will be the official home of the Campos EPC SmartLab, kits and software will be accessible across the high school division. The proprietary project-based curriculum and materials, developed and provided by Creative Learning Systems, have proven to be a successful model. This unprecedented flexibility means that students across grade levels and subject areas will benefit from the STEM resources. We believe that this approach supports DA’s “The Way You Learn Best” promise.

The overwhelming support from Campos EPC for STEM education at DA means that we are the only school in the nation (and indeed the world!) that will have three SmartLabs dedicated to elementary, sixth grade, middle school, and high school students. These three labs ignite passions and create a learning pathway through progressively advanced skills and concepts, paving the way for a future in STEM.

Please join us in thanking DA parent Marco Campos, Campos EPC, and the Campos EPC Foundation for this amazing opportunity for our students. Plans are underway for a ribbon cutting in September; we hope you will attend.