DA Student Artists Showcase Works of Art at In-Person Show

After two years, DA was finally able to host an in-person juried art show! DA’s National Art Honor Society hosted the fifth annual show with a public reception in late April where parents, educators, and community members voted for their favorite works of art created by DA middle and high schoolers. Awards were given according to "Best of" in 10 categories, along with grand prizes for "Best in Show" and "Viewer's Choice."
GRAND PRIZE: Best in Show
Evelyn M., Grade 12 for Mixed-Media piece, Sketchbook
GRAND PRIZE: Viewer's Choice
Seth A., Grade 12 for Metal piece, Rayne
Best of Mixed Media:
Liea M., Grade 11 for Butterfly Journal
Best of Video:
Max M., Grade 8 for Man Lost in the Woods
Best of Digital Art:
Logan W., Grade 12 for R.I.P. to my Youth
Best of Street Art:
Chase H., Grade 12 for The Art of Tagging
Best of Painting:
Evelyn M., Grade 12 for Crab Painting
Best of Fiber Art:
Madi W., Grade 9 for Sushi Friends
Best of Drawing:
Soleil R., Grade 10 for I
Best of Ceramics:
Sophia R., Grade 8 for Mountains at Sunset
Best of Metal Arts:
Seth A., Grade 12 for Rayne
Best of Photography:
Gus D., Grade 10 for Aspen and Ponderosa