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DA Students Honor Black History Month

During the month of February, DA’s SOCA (Students of Color and Allies) sponsored a Black History Month event for sixth graders. Participants learned a fact or answered a question about Black history and then spun a prize wheel. Prizes included stickers, juice boxes, or chips, and a few lucky winners received a gift card to Dairy Queen. 
Meanwhile, DA’s Counseling & Wellness Department held a Black History Month poster competition for sixth and ninth grades. Classes researched about and then created posters reflecting the rich culture of some of Colorado’s historically Black neighborhoods and cities, including Five Points, Breckenridge, Park Hill, Deerfield, and Lincoln Hills. Each class received doughnuts for participating. Ms. Owens's 6th-grade class and Ms. Warneke’s 9th-grade class each won a movie party with snacks.