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DA’s Mustang Mentorship Program

Zoe Manning, Student Blogger
Denver Academy is excited to announce the introduction of a student-initiated peer mentorship program connecting high school students with those in younger grades. The program is set to launch after Thanksgiving break. Student mentor programs are prevalent throughout the country and have been widely praised for their numerous academic and social benefits. The DA mentorship program consists of over 32 highly qualified upper-level high schoolers (11th and 12th graders) being paired with compatible middle school students. Mentors also work with elementary students through their afterschool homework club and ESPm. From athletes to artists, the group of high school mentors is diverse in backgrounds and interests allowing for the formation of positive relationships.

The DA peer mentorship — or Mustang Mentorship Program — will initiate meaningful dialogue between grade levels. High school mentors will be able to assist younger students and provide valuable guidance and companionship for students navigating foreign social and academic experiences. Through scheduled meeting dates, mentors will answer questions and offer support to younger students leading to the development of a trusting and respectful relationship. This relationship also will assist in easing the difficulty of major grade transitions by familiarizing younger students with the high school and greater Denver Academy community in a safe and supportive way. With the COVID-19 pandemic and the necessary cohort separations, there has been some degree of isolation between the lower and upper school divisions. This peer mentor relationship will allow students to feel an increased level of social connectedness and inclusion within our school community.

The Denver Academy learning philosophy emphasizes the importance of interpersonal relationships throughout the community as a foundation for academic success and social growth. This program puts DA’s learning philosophy into practice. It allows younger students to be integrated into the community in a meaningful way while allowing older students the opportunity to be a part of an altruistic leadership effort. 

For more information on how your student can get involved, contact your homeroom teacher.

Zoe Manning is a Denver Academy junior who has been a student at DA since 7th grade. Zoe is a student blogger and also one of the founding members of the new Mustang Mentorship Program.