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DA Celebrates a Successful School Year

Thanks to our entire Denver Academy community for following "The Big 5" all year and keeping our community safe during the COVID-19 pandemic! 
In May, Denver Academy students and staff were happy to celebrate the end of a successful 2020-21 school year. Students gathered in their respective divisions on the last day of school for celebrations and award ceremonies. In keeping with a tradition started at the end of the 2019-20 year, there was also an 8th Grade Continuation Parade with an "Aloha" theme this year which in the Hawaiian tradition means both hello and goodbye, in addition to a Graduation Parade following this year's ceremony.

Check out pictures of the 8th Grade Continuation Parade, along with photos of other end-of-year celebrations on this page. To view a live stream of the 2021 Graduation Ceremony, as well as a video of the Graduation Parade, click here

Here's a list of awards received by students in the High School Division this year:

9th Grade
Mustang Spirit: Yonah Jackson
Rising Star: West Hyland and Aya Kawanabe
True Grit: Everyone
Rockstar Rookie: Ethan Moore and Carter Lemburg
Academic Achievement: Cager Cowden or Reece Christiansen
Character: Nolan Monasch and DJ Harris
STEM: Quinn Wallis
Drumline: Grayson Goodman, Jackie Ahlberg, Charley Hotz
Visual Arts: Silas Berenek, Ethan Moore & Nolan Monasch
Theater Arts - Chris Adams and Grant Loui
Digital Art - Ben Hammel, Keyann Christian
Physical Education (PE) Awards: DJ Harris, Michael Dobronyi Lauren Jeffries
10th Grade
Sophomore of the Year: Jed Bloomberg
Cameron Strickland Award: Liea Mitchell
11th Grade
History: Patrick Gilman
Science: Tyler Fry
Math: Logan Webb
Literature: Sailor Harris
Debate: Flynn Largan
PE: Stevie Lockton and Will Rinehart
Mustang Spirit: Zoe Petrie
Junior of the Year: Will Rinehart

Analogue Collage, Welding: Sam Frisina, Tyler Fry, Evenlyn Murphy, and Noah Wilgur
Metal Arts: Gavin Less, Evelyn Murphy,  Aiden Serratoni 
Studio Artist Award: Luke Wogsland
Theater Excellence Award: Luke Griffith and Patrick Gilman
Digital Arts Award: Luke Gentry and Seth Honnigfor
Evolving Digital Artist Award: Noah Wilger and Maya Luna McCrum
CU Award: Luke Wogsland
School of Mines Award: Tyler Fry
Rensselaer Award: Noah Wilger
12th Grade
Literature: Kenna Hymowitz
History: Rachel Dobronyi
Science Zach Weiland
Math: Diego Quezada and Allie Jones
Seminar/Symposium: Noah Sullivan /Anthony Allmaras
Co-Valedictorians: Cortez Campos and Zach Weiland
Salutatorian: Jennifer Naar
Phil Johnson/Lou Raders Community Service Award: Anthony Allmaras
Alumni Senior of the Year Award: Makenna Hymowitz
Metal Arts Award: Franco Koester, Diego Quesada
Visual Art awards: Franco Koester, Noah Sullivan, Joshua Carpenter, Liam Ahlborg, John Tucker and Ella Wright
Excellence in Theater: Noah Sullivan
Visual Arts: Sami Fuhrer, Alex Holmes
Diversity Inclusion Award: Cortez Campos
Shakespeare Award: Aiden Coltran

National Honor Society (Mixed Grades)
Patrick Gilman
Sailor Harris
Flynn Largan
MayaLuna McCrum
Nico Roy
Alex Wales
Luke Wogsland
Noah Wilger

Anthony Allmaras
Cortez Campos
Josh Carpenter
Aidan Coldren
Rachel Dobronyi
Kate Lamb
Jenn Naar
Nathan O'Meara
Jeff Renz
Millie Swaney
Zach Weiland

President: Jeff Renz
Vice: Patrick Gilman
Secretary: Luke Wogsland
Publicity Officer: Cortez Campos

National Art Honor Society (Mixed Grades)
Cortez Campos- President
Matthew Ford - Vice President
Cortez Campos, Matthew Ford, Samantha Fuhrer, Avery Hall, Sydney Hall, Alex Holmes, Jenn Naar, Hannah Webb
Thespian Honor Society (Mixed Grades)
Jenn Naar, President
Noah Sullivan, Historian
Ella Wright, Secretary and Publicity Officer
Lolla Baker
Cortez Campos
Rachel Dobronyi
Sami Fuhrer
Avery Hall
Sydney Hall
Kaden Henningsen
Alex Hofstadter
Allie Jones
Kate Lamb
Jeff Renz

Way to go, Mustangs!