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DA Middle School Students Learn by Baking

DA teachers and students continue to be creative during this extraordinary school year. During our most recent time of remote learning, Mrs. Fritzsche's Middle School students engaged in some experiential learning after reading the book, The Outsiders. Part of their assignment was to bake Sodapop's chocolate cake he bakes in the book. Check out some of the photos of their creations! 

Parents were asked for reviews of their kids' creations for extra credit:

"Nate was really excited to get to work and bake a chocolate cake for his brother and sister to enjoy since he is usually the one tasting their creations. He worked diligently throughout but he is one messy baker - at one point he measured out the vanilla extract over the counter and spilled half the bottle! While he greased the pans, the cake did get stuck - next time I would cut out parchment paper to put in the pans and grease more. Frosted cake with chocolate frosting and Nate added his personal touch of sprinkles. The cake was a hit with everyone in the family except Nate’s dad who doesn’t like chocolate. It was chocolaty but not too rich - perfect!!"

"Luke wasn’t that excited to bake. He likes treats but not chocolate cake. But, we have never made a cake by scratch so that was fun. It stuck on the bottom of the pans so we had to be creative with the toppings.  The cake was average tasting. Madelyn, Luke's sister, gave it a 3 out of 5. Luke wasn’t very excited to eat it, having filled his stomach with other holiday treats.  But all in all, it was a fun holiday project to do together. Now he can say he baked a cake from scratch! 

Way to go, Mustangs!