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Alex Klaus '08: Colorado National Guard Recruiter

Alex and his wife have been married for six years. They have a beautiful, healthy 3-year-old son named Apollo, and their son, Theodore Nicholas, was just born this month.  
After graduating from Denver Academy in 2008, Alex continued his education. He started his post-secondary studies at Colorado Mountain College in Steamboat Springs, then he worked various jobs, finally deciding to join the Colorado Army National Guard. The DA teachers that impacted him the most were Mr. Duhamel and Mr. Ernewein. They taught him how to believe in himself, learn his own way, and find success in every project that was assigned.
Alex said, “Joining the Army National Guard was one of the best decisions of my life.” He has worked his way up, continuing his education with various technical and high adventure training in areas such as air assault, army mountaineering, and most recently, as a master fitness trainer. “It was in these courses that I truly learned how to immerse myself into subjects, applying my years of experience at Denver Academy learning through hands-on projects. This has allowed me to be highly successful, applying and teaching technical skills that I have learned.” 
Alex’s work in the National Guard included supporting the Boulder Canyon flood response and overseeing shelter support during the COVID-19 pandemic in Denver. 
On the civilian side, his dedication to physical fitness has included being personally committed to his own fitness, managing nutrition stores, providing personal training, and managing a large gym in North Denver. He has continued his education by earning certifications including NCSF Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine Corrective Exercise Specialist, and Precision Nutrition Level 1. 
Recently, Alex made the commitment to be a recruiter with the Colorado National Guard. This opportunity allows him to share his passion for self-development, physical fitness, and organization. He is honored and excited to be able to influence the next generation of Colorado Army National Guard soldiers.
Do you know someone looking for an exciting and rewarding military career? Alex Klaus is excited to meet you. Call Alex at 720-326-8139 or stop by the Colorado National Guard Recruiting Station at 5275 Franklin St. Denver, CO 80216.