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DA High School Theater Presents "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"

Denver Academy's faculty and students continue to be creative with teaching and learning during the pandemic! Ms. Marks's High School Theater classes have joined together (virtually) this fall to present the hilarious radio play by Douglas Adams, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy."

The science-fiction comedy radio series was originally broadcast in the United Kingdom by BBC Radio 4 in 1978, and afterward by the BBC World Service, National Public Radio in the U.S., and CBC Radio in Canada.

Students and after-school volunteers brought the production to life by creating sound effects and voicing their parts. Laugh along on this adventure while we learn more about how to hitch a ride to places outside of this world!

Click here to listen to Episode One: Fit the First. The Earth is unexpectedly destroyed and the great Hitch-Hike begins.

Episode One Cast 
Narrator: Luke G.
Prosser: Caleb C.
Arthur: Noah S.
Ford: Patrick G.
Barman: Henry R.
Lady Cynthia: Mya. S.
Voice 1: Will B.
Voice 2: Jed B.
Alien: Emma L.
Sound Effects and Music creation: Jed B., Will B., Noah C., Marissa L., Nolan M., Peter R., Ella V., Banny W., Will S., Alex H., Lolla B.

Click here to listen to Episode Two: Fit the Second. After being saved from certain death during the demolition of the Earth, Arthur Dent now faces a hopeless choice between meeting certain death in the vacuum of space or finding something pleasant to say about Vogon poetry.

Episode Two Cast
Narrator: Luke 
Arthur: Noah
Ford: Patrick
Vogon: Will
Vogon Guard: Peter
Trillian: Ella
Zaphod: Banny
Marvin: Alex
Radio: Marissa
Eddie the Computer: Lolla
Gag Halfrunt: Caleb
Announcer: Noah
Sound Effects and Music creation: Jed, Will, Noah, Peter, Emma, Nolan, Henry, Mya, Caleb

Stay tuned for more episodes, coming soon!