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Mustang Proud: Ms. Prewitt

Zoe Manning, DA Student
Ms. Lucy Prewitt, a Denver Academy (DA) high school mathematics teacher, began teaching at Denver Academy in 2019. Despite being relatively new to Denver Academy, Ms. Prewitt is an integral part of the DA community.

Ms. Prewitt earned her undergraduate degree in early childhood education and special education from Texas A&M University in 2015. Shortly thereafter, she was accepted into the Teach For America program. Teach for America is a non-profit organization unifying a diverse network of educators in the pursuit of educational equity. Ms. Prewitt then taught high school mathematics in the Appalachian Region of Eastern Kentucky for a number of years. Ms. Prewitt later earned her master’s degree in curriculum and instruction for secondary math education from Johns Hopkins University before joining Denver Academy.

“I discovered Denver Academy through a quick internet search. I wanted to utilize my background in a setting that both complemented and accommodated diverse learning styles,” said Ms. Prewitt. “Coming from a public school environment, I saw students fall through the cracks of the system, but Denver Academy was different in that all students were accepted and seen, regardless of background and differences.”

Throughout the Denver Academy community, Ms. Prewitt is highly regarded for her distinctive approach towards mathematics and her ability to build individualized interpersonal relationships with and amongst her students. Ms. Prewitt’s teaching style centers around the kinesthetic exploration of mathematical concepts. The understanding of mathematical concepts, both procedural and conceptual, is cemented through the creation of mathematical questions by the students. Ms. Prewitt allows students to develop a deeper understanding of specific concepts while utilizing problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Ms. Prewitt’s classroom dynamic is characterized by laughter and lively academic discussions while fostering the development of perseverance and grit.

“Denver Academy stood out to me because there was an immediate sense of community emanating from the campus,” explained Ms. Prewitt. “ The small class sizes give me the ability to really get to know students which is beneficial to the student-teacher relationship.”

Though, these unprecedented times have required particular inventiveness and flexibility in teaching approaches. “I have had to become more creative with classroom engagement. Projects and activities that are usually completed as teams, I have had to restructure to adhere to safety guidelines,” said Ms. Prewitt. Forced ingenuity has also had some positive takeaways that will be carried through in post-pandemic times. Classes taking place around the large Denver Academy campus will most likely continue because they offer a change of pace which is subsequently energizing to students and teachers.

Outside of school, Ms. Prewitt spends most of her time in the kitchen perfecting the art of pastry. She is a Texas native who now calls Denver her home.

Ms. Prewitt is Mustang Proud because she gets to be part of a modern academic teaching program that empowers students through diverse learning approaches.

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