Mustang Proud: Mr. Beckwith

Zoe Manning, DA Student
Mr. Charles Beckwith, a Denver Academy Middle School teacher, began teaching at Denver Academy twelve years ago. He didn’t always know that he wanted to be a teacher, but after learning about Denver Academy, he was sure this was the right job for him.

“I discovered Denver Academy after I met Matt Roberts (DA Dean of 11th Grade) through a mutual friend. At the time, I was contemplating law school but hesitant about becoming a lawyer,” said Mr. Beckwith. “Mr. Roberts invited me to observe a few classes, and then I knew that becoming a teacher at Denver Academy was what I wanted to do.”

Shortly after earning his bachelor's degree in political science at the University of Colorado, Mr. Beckwith began teaching at Denver Academy. He co-taught with Mr. Dastin (DA Dean of Middle School East) for a few years before teaching independently. He is currently an eighth-grade humanities, geography, and math teacher. Recently, he was nominated for the LifeChanger of the Year Award, a national award program that celebrates those making a significant difference in the lives of students by exemplifying excellence, positive influence and leadership. He also received Denver Academy’s Teacher of Year Award in 2014 and is a two-time middle school chili cook-off champion.

Throughout the Denver Academy community, Mr. Beckwith is highly regarded for his unique teaching style and his ability to intellectually connect with students. Through humor, timely debates, music, and interactive games, Mr. Beckwith allows students to develop a deeper knowledge of specific concepts while encouraging critical thought. His classroom environment is defined by lively conversations and laughter. 

“Denver Academy stood out to me because it was the antithesis of my personal school experiences,” explained Mr. Beckwith. “The learning environment allows students to have the chance to be themselves. That kind of autonomy allows me as a teacher to challenge students differently. The small class sizes let me form more meaningful lessons. It motivates my teaching style.”

Outside of school, Mr. Beckwith is an avid fly fisherman and hiker. Despite being the epitome of a true Coloradoan, he is originally from Texas. Mr. Beckwith has continued to be an integral part of the Denver Academy community.

Mr. Beckwith is Mustang Proud because he knows how much the teachers and fellow staff members care about the students at Denver Academy.