Program Updates: Dr. Adair at CDE, Mr. Ernewein Presents in Brussels

At Denver Academy we believe we have the best of the best, and every year our staff and faculty prove it. In the last month, Director of Mathematics Dr. Mindy Adair and Director of Education Philippe Ernewein have been busy. 

Dr. Adair is currently working with the Colorado Department of Education to create, develop and deliver a series of professional development webinars on mathematical development, difficulties and disabilities. The series began in the Spring of 2019 and will continue throughout this school year. Questions addressed include: Why do students struggle with maths? How do dyscalculia, dysgraphia, and dyspraxia present in students who struggle with maths? How do we support students who struggle with math difficulties & disabilities in the classroom? 

While Dr. Adair has been working with the Colorado Department of Education, Mr. Ernewein was invited to speak at the University of Brussels in Belgium for a conference on inclusivity in education in November. While there, he led a panel discussion and led a workshop on the key components of the Denver Academy program: differentiated instruction, learning profiles, and transformative education. This project brought together four universities in Europe, along with Denver Academy, to collaborate on how to best create inclusive learning environments for diverse learners. 

We love seeing our faculty and staff develop professionally as well as share their insights and knowledge with others in the field of education. Go Mustangs!