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Teaching the Way they Learn Best

Mr. Fred Miller is a veteran DA teacher and is also part of a group called, Living History. Ever since Mr. Miller started teaching, students have fondly remembered the amazing history lessons they received from him. One of those students, who is now a fifth-grade teacher here at DA, is Ms. Hannah Crawford.

I was lucky enough to have Mr. Miller twice in high school and he gave me my first taste of teaching. As a sophomore he let me teach his twelfth-grade Western Civilizations class for one minute once a week. We called it “Sixty Seconds of Western Civ.” Said Ms. Crawford. 

When Ms. Crawford’s fifth-grade class showed a lot of interest in World War II, Ms. Crawford wanted to cater to this interest and have as great of an experience learning about history as she did. 

“I originally thought of bringing my students to Mr. Miller because of their personal interest in WWII. I knew some facts, but to really engage my classroom’s enthusiasts I wanted to bring them to my favorite history expert,” said Ms. Crawford.  “The students have loved getting hands-on interactions with WWI and WWII relics, they ask thoughtful questions and enjoy Mr. Miller's humor, like so many students before them.” 

Today, instead of teaching himself, Mr. Miller asked a few of his current eleventh-grade students to present and teach about various artifacts and information on WWII to the fifth-graders. 

Ms. Crawford commented, “When Mr. Miller had his current eleventh-graders present artifacts to my class, I relished the way Mr. Miller continues to inspire generation after generation of history students and educators.”

We are so grateful to have both Mr. Miller and Ms. Crawford here at Denver Academy where they inspire young minds and teach students the way they learn best.