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Robert Theis '14, DA Teacher Assistant

We would like to introduce one of Denver Academy’s new Teaching Assistants Mr. Robert “Jacob” Theis ‘14. We are thrilled to have Mr. Theis back at DA, where he says he grew to love learning.  

For my years in primary school, I struggled with many concepts that seemed to come naturally to my peers. It was only in my attendance at Denver Academy that I came to learn that the underlying issue was the way I had been taught,” said Theis. “Outgrowing my contempt of the education that my earlier schools had instilled in me, granted not intentionally, I found that I was very fond of reading and writing.”

While attending DA, Mr. Theis said he loved the sense of camaraderie he felt not only from peer to peer, but also from teacher to student. 

While assisting fifth-grade teacher Ms. Hannah Crawford, Mr. Theis is also studying English at the University of Arizona where he plans to get his Masters of Arts in Teaching. 

“I work with children who remind me of the student I once was. There are few things on this earth more gratifying than the look of relief and excitement on a child’s face as a concept they couldn’t grasp suddenly makes itself clear,” commented Mr. Theis. “My hope is that someday soon I will be able to pass on the learning guidance given to me to future generations. Everyone learns differently and everyone deserves that opportunity to learn.”

We wish Mr. Teis the best of luck as he continues his studies and we feel so lucky that we have him at DA!