A Visit from Author Jan Reynolds

On Thursday, Sept. 19, our 6th grade students were fortunate to spend time with Jan Reynolds, a woman who has set world climbing and skiing records and was on the Olympic biathlon team. She has also worked for National Geographic and lived with indigenous tribes on every continent except Antarctica. She's used her photographs and written 20 books as well as made films about her adventures. During her presentation, she shared photos and stories of her time with the Tibetan people and her experiences in the Himalayas, the Tuareg people and her experiences in the Sahara, the Aboriginals of Australia, the Yanomama of the Amazon, the Samii reindeer herders of the Arctic Circle, the Mongolians and their baby pony holiday, and the Inuit and their igloo building skills.
Jan told us that the people she visited had no electricity,cell phones, television, and, in some cases, no books. From our point of view, it seems that they have almost nothing, but they would welcome Jan to their homes, feed her, and share anything they had with her. Jan said people in these communities all cared so much for each other because they know how much they need each other and they're grateful for that. She said, "The more we have, the less we care. We forget how much we need others." Based on some of the Dalai Lama's teachings, she encouraged students to practice love, compassion, tolerance, and respect to help us move to a more peaceful world.
Her books are available through the attached form (if you're ordering through our school, forms are due by Oct. 1) and she will personalize autographs and mail the books to DA. Jan donated her time with our students, so supporting her by purchasing books is a wonderful way to show our appreciation! 
Questions? Please email Jolene Gutiérrez.