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Geoffrey Hoellen '04, Sales Engineer

Geoffrey “Geoff” Hoellen ‘04, is currently working as a Sales Engineer at Resonate in New York, New York where he creates platform demonstrations, technical solutions for clients, and works with various platforms and products to improve them. Recently, he created a Solution Development deck for one of the agency’s top holding companies, making this one of Resonate’s biggest contracts in history. 

After graduating from DA 15 years ago, Hoellen thanks Denver Academy and its teachers for helping him create study habits and skills that have helped him reach his lifelong dream of living and working in NYC. 

“I felt that the teachers at DA gave me the confidence to succeed with the work and focus on the tasks at hand. Which became extremely useful once I went to college,” said Hoellen. “This may seem simple and obvious, but using word association would help me focus when studying and taking exams.” 

Before moving to New York City, Hoellen worked for a company in San Francisco, CA as a sales engineer. When a career opportunity arose in New York City, he was given the opportunity to transfer to the Big Apple. A perk for him was that DA Alum and friend, Hunter Emery, was currently living there as well. 

While Hoellen loves living in the big city, he also loves his job. 

“I love working in the Martech industry that is constantly evolving every single day. Getting to work with big data and analytics was something that is challenging and rewarding,” said Hoellen. “I also get to work in tandem with the Account Executive to help create solutions for our client-partners, but being more focused on the technical sale side of things. It is great to have an influence on what new enhancements to the platform need to be built and offering  my feedback to help guide what new product features should we put on the road-map.” 

While at Denver Academy, Hoellen most enjoyed the teachers, playing soccer and baseball, and participating in theater. 

One of his favorite teachers, Amy Thomson commented, “Geoff gave us so many gifts!  He is a kind, funny, smart, passionate person who always lit up our classroom with his energy and free spirit.  Geoff always had a witty retort and a sweet gesture for his entire community.”

We want to congratulate Geoff for setting and achieving goals. We can’t wait to see where else life takes him. 

Go Mustangs!