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Nevin Zavell '14, Account Executive

“Denver Academy helped me realize that I had worth and talent I could contribute.”

Nevin Zavell ‘14, currently works as an account executive for Hydro Studios, a marketing firm in Salt Lake City, UT. He credits much of his success to Denver Academy and the incredible faculty and staff who helped him build the confidence to get to where he is today. 

“Denver Academy gave me the confidence to believe I could go on to college and actually be successful. I had spent my early youth bouncing around schools and never fitting in, my aspirations for myself were never high and my self confidence was at a rock bottom along with my grades,” said Zavell. “Denver Academy provided an environment where I felt like I could actually succeed with what I wanted to do. Through the Drama club and Scuba Diving trips, I actually felt like I could fit in and be successful.”

As a current account executive, Zavell’s job is to manage strategy and point to point client interactions. His accounts include one of the largest aftermarket auto part manufacturers in the world and one of the largest legal cannabis distributors in the United states. It is his job to coordinate with developers, designers, strategists and clients to work as a team to build effective marketing and advertising plans. 

Zavell commented, “My job is stressful, however the work is fulfilling. I get to take deep dives into fascinating industries and learn them front to back. I also get to work creatively and help build large marketing strategies that hundreds of people will see, from product packaging and unboxing, to websites. It's hard work, but I come back at the end of the day with a product that I'm proud of.”’ 

While at DA, Zavell noticed the faculty genuinely took interest in their students and did everything they could to help the students succeed. Nobody slipped through the cracks. 

Mr. Bobby Duhamel, one of Zavel’s favorite high school teachers said, “Nevin is an extremely gifted writer and a progressive thinker who is consistently examining the world around him. He is quick witted and wickedly inventive. I hope to possibly work for him one day.”

We are so proud of Nevin and wish him luck in all his future endeavours. Go Mustangs!