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Mission Matters: Marco Campos

Marco Campos is a strong believer in the power of a Denver Academy education – son Zander returns as a 3rd grader and son Cortez returns as a junior in the fall.
Marco also believes strongly in the power of STEM education. Through his company, Campos EPC, he has become a leader in providing STEM Centers in higher education and to schools, locally and across the country. They hope to encourage more women and minorities to explore the STEM fields. 
Jeanne Timmons, Regional Sales Manager of Creative Learning Systems said, “Thanks to the vision and tremendous generosity of Marco Campos and the Campos EPC foundation, there are now more than a half dozen schools and over three thousand DPS students per year engaged in STEM education in SmartLabs throughout Denver.”  
We are incredibly grateful to Marco and Campos EPC for choosing to donate a STEM Center for DA’s Elementary/6th Grade division. The Campos EPC Smart Lab will be open for classes when the 2019-20 school year begins in August. Now, our youngest students will explore robotics, software engineering, mechanics and structures, circuitry, scientific data and analysis, alternative energy, computer graphics, and digital media arts.
Marco graduated from CU Boulder as a Civil Engineer. He is the founder and managing Principal of Campos EPC, which provides support for clients in pipeline integrity regulations, programs and implementation. Headquartered in Denver, Campos EPC has offices located nationwide. The Campos EPC foundation affects over 3,000 students per year through scholarships, university summer bridge programs and SmartLabs.