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Michael Blickley '08, Cartoon Artist

Michael Blickley ’08, a comic book writer who recently released the third issue of his comic The Erinyes Project. Michael began working on The Erinyes Projectwhile he was in college at the University of Northern Colorado, but what started as a science fiction story soon transformed.
“The decision to make it a comic book came, in part, from feedback describing an earlier novelization as a ‘comic book with words,’” he explains. And from that,The Erinyes Projectcomic book series was born. 
Following the release of the third issue of the series, Michael was invited to speak on the Comic Creators panel at KaPow Comics & Coffee in Colorado Springs. The panel, which features Michael and three additional comic book writers discussing the process of bringing their unique ideas to the page, was recorded for an episode of the popular Bitfaced podcast. You can listen to the episode here.
A free issue of The Erinyes Projectwill also be available at this year’s Free Comic Book Day event on Saturday, May 4 at the Mile High Comics Warehouse just off of I70 and I25. Be sure to stop by and snag a copy to support a fellow Mustang!
The Erinyes Project is set on a planet wherein for most of its surface, the only extractible metals are non-ferrous ones. Human civilization advanced and prospered, but came under attack from another human civilization, and, being unable to adequately defend itself, created beings called Erinyes through combining the genetics of the finest humans, and fiercest predatory animals, that the civilization could find. Three issues of The Erinyes Project are now available in many stores.