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Newbery Award-Winning Author Visits Elementary Classes

The Newbery award-winning author Avi dropped by Mrs. Carlson's Elementary class late last week to read a bit of his new book from the Poppy and Ragweed series and to answer students' questions about his writing process. Avi, who has been visiting and working with Denver Academy for over 20 years, talked to students about the difficulties of writing and how to overcome those struggles.

"Writing is very hard," he said. "You get a lot of encouragement from your teachers telling you you can do it, and you CAN do it, but it's hard."

Avi explained that half the journey in writing begins with research before ever putting a pen to paper. To do so, he travels to locations and collects books about his topics. He also had some editing tips for our students! Avi told them that the best way to catch any writing mistakes is to read it out loud, to yourself or to your parents, with a pencil in hand. That way, if you do catch a mistake, you can mark it immediatley.

Thank you for visiting us, Avi! And thank you for your contined partnership with the students of Denver Academy.