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Jess Woodward '13, Yoga Instructor

Jess Woodward ’13 is a certified yoga instructor with hundreds of hours dedicated to the practice. She developed a strong passion for yoga after she moved back to Denver following her first year of college in Greeley, Colorado but soon became much more.
“Yoga started off as a replacement for my regular gym workouts, then it became more- it became meditative and healing for me,” she explains. “Every time I would leave a yoga class I would feel released and at peace with everything.”
After practicing yoga for three years, Jess decided to complete her yoga certification to become an instructor herself. She dedicated 200 hours to the process and now teaches at a variety of places around Denver, including Trufit Athletic Club and a private preschool for their faculty and staff members. Not only does Jess teach and practice yoga herself, she also works at CorePower Yoga’s headquarters full time: “Yoga is my full-time job and I could not be happier with this career path in my life.”
We love hearing when Denver Academy alumni find their life’s passion!