Admissions FAQ

Q: What kind of school is Denver Academy and what kind of students does it serve?
A: Denver Academy is a private, non-profit, independent day school serving students in grades 1-12. Our students have average to exceptional abilities but have not reached their academic potential in traditional educational settings. Many of our students have identifiable learning differences such as dyslexia and ADHD while others simply desire a more customized learning environment.

Q: How do I apply to Denver Academy?
A: Please read more about our enrollment process here. If you have questions or would like to request more information, please email us or call 303-777-5161.

Q: Is everyone who applies accepted?
A: No, we are selective in our process to ensure that the students we accept will flourish in their school environment and find a true fit at Denver Academy.

Q: Do you provide transportation?
A: We do not provide bus transportation, but many of our families carpool, some from as far away as Boulder or Evergreen. We are also conveniently located two blocks from the light rail at both the Colorado/Evans and Yale stations. The Colorado/Evans station is an easy walk to/from campus. 

Q: What is your average number of students per classroom?
A: We keep our classes small at 14 students or fewer. Elementary and Middle Division classrooms are aided by a teaching assistant in addition to the lead teacher. 

Q: What is your application deadline?
A: Denver Academy has rolling admissions and we accept applications year round.

Q: Do you offer financial aid?
A: Yes, approximately 30 percent of our students receive partial tuition assistance. For those who have applied for financial aid, only students who have gone through the application process and who have been accepted for enrollment will be considered for tuition assistance.

Q: Does Denver Academy administer the testing required for application?
A: No, the WISC IV must be administered by a licensed psychologist. The Woodcock-Johnson is typically administered by the same psychologist. If you need a referral, please call the Office of Admissions at 303-777-5161.

Q: Do you offer Before and After School Programs?
A: We offer an After School Program from 3:00-6:00 p.m. for students ages 13 and younger.

Q: How do I schedule a visit to your school?
A: Informational meetings, student shadow days and tours are scheduled by appointment. Please call 303-777-5161. We also offer several Open Houses each year.