Middle School (7th-8th)

Denver Academy's middle school is a different experience than at any other middle school. We recognize that our students are at a crossroads between their elementary and adult years and we are trained (and thrilled!) to help guide them successfully through this transition. 

"Students emerge from the DA Middle School experience with the tools necessary to be successful in high school and with an understanding that the time has come for them to take full ownership of their education." - Ben Duke, parent of two Middle School Alumni


Our teachers are all generalists but have a specific goal in mind: bringing quality education to our students. A homeroom teacher oversees instruction for literature, character education and English which is approximately 2.5 hours of a student's school day. This allows for cross-curriculum themes and establishes one teacher as a student's main advocate, cheerleader and academic coach. (Read more about our amazing Middle School teachers!)

We also differentiate instruction so that a diverse group of students' needs can be met, from remediation of basic skills to instructing twice exceptional and gifted students. Essentially, each student receives a customized learning plan.

Smart Boards are changing the way we think about teaching, as the possibilities for instruction are endless! With these tools, we are able to model and demonstrate uses of any computer application, play interactive review games, show short video clips and provide the visual benefit of giving notes via PowerPoint.

Did we mention the iPad? We love using this tool in the classroom to help improve organization and communication, and give students quick access to information and apps!

Athletics and Theater Productions
Most of the Middle Division's sports practice during electives and games are scheduled after school two to three days a week. There are two drama productions a year; past productions include Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Narnia, The Wizard of Oz, Through the Looking Glass, and student-created productions such as The Grand Velvet Murders.