High School

"The positive difference in our son was apparent within the first month of transferring him."  - DA High School Parent


Our high school program is designed to address the educational needs of each student's individual learning profile to help them reach their academic potential. More than 90 percent of our graduates pursue post-secondary education each year. Our program focuses on:

  • Flexible Placement: We offer several levels within each subject to allow students to develop their learning strengths while remediating their areas of need.
  • Structure and Support: Students are given the tools to achieve academic success, including memorization strategies, organization, note-taking and study skills while maintaining high accountability and high support.
  • Engaged Learning: Lesson plans are designed to address multiple learning styles and utilize technology, art, and hands-on projects.
  • Curriculum Philosophy: Learn more about the five curriculum principles we follow when designing curriculum for our students. 
  • Graduation Requirements

Learn more about each high school year at DA and acquaint yourself with our amazing faculty:
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