Counseling Office

The Counseling Department at Denver Academy provides support for students in grades 1-12. Denver Academy teachers are highly qualified to work with their students and take pride in their ability to create rapport with students and their families. The counselors are facilitators of these teacher-student relationships, and move into action when developmental dysfunctions, stresses or family problems exceed the capabilities of the teacher-student paradigm. In this capacity, we counsel students individually, meet with families and confer with students' extended support systems as needed to overcome obstacles. 

Denver Academy counselors serve as consultants to help teachers and parents understand how to effectively address learning differences and appreciate the dynamics of multiple intelligences. This includes uncovering and affirming students' strengths, and overcoming resistance to remediation by turning students into self-advocating collaborators in the educational experience.

We create educational groups specifically designed to help students address self-esteem issues, assertiveness, conflict resolution, peer pressure, and diversity. We make referrals for students with outside professionals as needed. Counselors attend weekly divisional staff meetings to stay current with the needs of students. Learn more about our counseling staff and view our list of resources.

Denver Academy is an inclusive community and is focused on empowering students to exercise control over their academic and social progress. You may also view our policies and procedures regarding working with students.