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Parent Community

What is the Denver Academy Parent Association (DAPA)?

When your child enrolls at DA, you become a member of DAPA and there are no fees associated. Our mission and vision  is to strengthen the soul of the Denver Academy community by opening
vital opportunities for the students, families, and staff. We are dedicated to building connections and engaging the Denver Academy community to create a vibrant, rich experience.

As a Member of DAPA You:

  • Share a vested interest in bringing our community together
  • Connect with other parents; support one another
  • Help make a difference for our children 
  • Partner with DA staff and faculty 
  • Stay informed
  • Make your voice heard by sharing ideas
  • Volunteer

How Can I Get Involved?

There are many opportunities to be involved with DAPA both during and outside of school hours. Some of the volunteer opportunities include student event division committees (Mustang Connection, Herd, Ponies), Parent Connection, Teacher Appreciation Week, High School After Prom, Gala/Benefiting Tuition Assistance Program, and the DA Spirit Brigade which supports DA Athletic and extracurricular programs. For additional volunteer opportunities contact your DAPA division head. 

All parents are invited to attend our monthly DAPA meetings.
  • Full DAPA Meetings - Second Thursday of the month, 8:30 a.m. at the DAPA House
  • Contact Student Division DAPA Chairs for Meeting Information:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  If I work during school hours, can I still participate in DAPA? 
A: Yes! Many DAPA meetings/events take place after school hours. Contact your DAPA division head for at-home volunteering opportunities.

Q:  Does DAPA have all the help they need?
A:  No. DAPA can always use your help! You decide your time commitment.  See the DAPA monthly e-newsletter for opportunities.  

Q: Does DAPA fundraise for DA?
A: No. DA’s Development Department handles school fundraising. DAPA activities concentrate on building connections with faculty, staff, and other parents rather than fundraising.

Q: Do I have to commit to volunteering if I attend a DAPA meeting or event?
A: No. There are many opportunites to volunteer, and if you’re not able to volunteer, please consider attending a parent event to help build upon our community.

DAPA Goals

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  • Promoting Parent Community

    DAPA aims to ensure an inclusive and supportive environment at Denver Academy. We sponsor activities, both social and educational, for parents to meet, exchange information, and build a sense of community. Some of the activities we sponsor include the Back to School Picnic, Welcome Back Coffee, Grandparents’ Day, and Parent Support Groups. For other parent events, please check out the Counseling Department’s parent events here.
  • Enriching Student Life

    We provide social and academic experiences for students in partnership with DA faculty. This also includes our After Prom event that provides high school students with a safe and fun place to celebrate when Prom is over. Spirit Brigade supports DA athletes,  athletic programs, and other student-focused activities. In addition, we enhance school spirit through our Mustang Connection (high school), Herd (middle school) and Ponies (elementary school) programs.
  • Supporting Faculty and Staff

    DAPA works to show our amazing faculty and staff how much we appreciate their dedication to our kids by hosting several social events for them throughout the year.
  • DAPA House

    Our home base on campus is the DAPA House located at the corner of Iliff Avenue and Birch Street. Denver Academy Parent Association meetings are held here on the second Thursday of each month at 8:30 a.m.
  • Enhance DAPA Funding

    DAPA activities are funded as part of the school budget. This is so parents can concentrate on being partners with the faculty and staff. You can enhance the DAPA budget by participating in our grocery gift card program or by donating through AmazonSmile. It costs you nothing extra and DAPA will earn money to enhance programs and activities for our kids! You can participate at your local King Soopers, Safeway, Albertsons, or Natural Grocers stores. To sign up, please contact DA alumni parent, Anne Davis Pluss at 303-322-8587 with questions.


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  • Contact Us

    Please contact DAPA President Rachel Petrie with any questions in regards to DAPA or volunteering at DA.