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What Does One Million Look Like?

This special student program is part of DA’s exciting Building on Excellence campaign which supports the new Athletic Center, Elementary/6th Grade Building renovation, growing DA's Endowment Fund and a proposed Performing Arts Center. 

The Project is kicking off with a schoolwide Penny Carnival on Friday, September 28. Students will receive a penny bank which will stay in their homeroom classroom at DA until the project is complete in the spring of 2019.

With the Penny Project, we strive to educate, participate and visualize the idea of what one million looks like. Each Denver Academy division will participate in a different way but all will have the chance to make a lasting impact on their campus and community by contributing their pennies. We hope to collect one million pennies by this spring!

Joel Barker

"When you drop any new idea in the pond of the world, you get a ripple effect. You have to be aware that you will be creating a cascade of change."

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