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2017 Denver Academy Symposium

Symposium on Teaching & Learning: Partnering with Technology

Author Alan November
Featuring NY Times Bestselling Author Alan November
Keynote Sponsor: Arrow Electronics
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Denver Academy's 2017 Symposium on Teaching & Learning: Partnering with Technology was a day-long public event that included a presentation by Keynote Speaker Alan November, an international leader in education technology named one of the nation's fifteen most influential thinkers of the decade by Tech and Learning Magazine. The day also featured breakout sessions for parents, teachers, students, educators and professionals surrounding the topic of technology in education. Information on breakout sessions is listed below. 

Thank you for joining us for the 2017 Denver Academy Symposium on Teaching & Learning: Partnering with Technology. To download presentations and materials from the event, click here

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Breakout Sessions

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  • Student Technology Advancement Committee Presentation

    Student Panel with Anthony Slaughter, Director of IT, Denver Academy

    Students play a critical role in evaluating, researching and informing the direction of technology at Denver Academy. This group will present on the theory and practice of what this active, engaging and reflective student committee has accomplished, as well as demonstrate some of their favorite technology tools.
  • Preparing Assistive Tech Users for College: Advocacy and Awareness

    Jane Vincent, Assistive Technology Manager, University of Michigan

    Many students start their college years unaware of how life will be different without support from The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. This session will cover some of these differences, and provide insight into preparing students to succeed in an environment where self-advocacy is suddenly key to ensuring they get appropriate assistive computer technology services.
  • Leveraging Technology to Enable Innovation: Lessons Learned

    Jill Carty Tew, Director of Operations and Innovation, Roots Elementary (Denver, Colorado)

    The innovative tech tools developed at Roots Elementary have brought the school's vision of "radical personalization" to life. But the journey of in-house software development was not an easy one. Join the school's Director of Operation and Innovation as she shares some lessons the team learned along the way.
  • Technology Tools to Support Struggling Writers

    Sally Garza, Upper School Technology Director, Lawrence School
    (Sagamore Hills, Ohio)

    This session will include practical tools, processes, and supports that are available to support struggling writers during each phase of the writing process. If you have writing struggles or know someone who does, you will walk away from this session with practical advice that can be used with writers from 4th grade through adulthood.
  • The Power of Choice: How Technology Can Be Leveraged For Student
    Empowerment, Creativity, and Differentiation

    Jeff Burnaugh, Director of Learning, Sterne School (San Francisco, California)

    It is possible to leverage technology as a tool to empower a diverse range of students to choose how they learn and express themselves. This session will explore how to build a culture that facilitates student-centered choice, questions to frame meaningful use of technology, an exploration of applications, and specific examples of how students have used technology to enrich their own learning.
  • Technology Tools for Differentiated Multisensory Learning

    Dr. Nadia Cone, Director of Academic Technology, Rawson-Saunders
    (Austin, Texas)

    Technology can help teachers make instruction more accessible, differentiated, and multi-sensory, and it can help students' work become more multidimensional and reflective of their true depth of knowledge and intellect. This session will highlight technology integration approaches and tools with these goals in mind.
  • Technology as a Partner in Learning and Teaching Math

    Dr. Mindy Adair, Math Curriculum Coordinator, Denver Academy

    Technology in mathematics education is worthy of our investigation! This session will consider the question, “What role should technology play in mathematics education?” We will examine pertinent research and historical patterns through the lens of organizations such as NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) and ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education). Finally, we will explore several potential technological resources for teachers, students, and parents. Participants will be encouraged to determine one new tool/resource to explore/adopt in support of student learning in math.
  • Homework: 10 Meaningful Strategies to Support Your Child

    Cynthia Richardson, Instructional Facilitator, Denver Academy
    Jenna Grange, Elementary Teacher, Denver Academy (Denver, Colorado)
    How can we as parents best support our children with the evening homework routine? How can we as teachers assign meaningful homework to our students to reinforce learning?  This session is designed to provide parents with a handful of effective ways to keep their children active and engaged during the evening homework routine.  These strategies will promote a positive exchange as we support daily learning.  Teachers will walk away with ideas for assigning purposeful homework.  In addition to hands-on activities, we will explore internet-based platforms to support your child.  Be ready to interact and have fun in this session as we reflect and collaborate!
  • Assistive Technology: When, Why, & How

    Debbie Campbell, Effective Technology For Learning, LLC

    There are many misconceptions and misunderstandings of how assistive technology can benefit a student engaging in the learning process. This session will provide you with a framework for successfully integrating assistive technology into a student’s learning habits, while demonstrating several tools that are currently being used by students at Denver Academy.  
  • Technology Tools to Support Executive Functioning and Behavioral Health

    Cyle Feingold, Founder and Executive Director of Results Learning and Robin
    Glenn, MA, LPC, CSC, CAC, C.E.O. of Base Education

    Does your child or student struggle with executive functioning skills or behaviors such as bullying or self-harm? The presenters will demonstrate technology programs and tools for planning, time management and self-advocacy skills as well as behavioral and mental health wellness.
  • The State of EdTech

    Daniel Hartmann, Director of Educational Technology/Coordinator of Technology Support, The Lab School of Washington DC

    Over the past decade educational technologists have gone from computer labs exposing students to the internet, coding, and assistive technologies. As educational technology integration into instruction has become “best practice,” leaders in their respective environments might be feeling overwhelmed as the inclusion model is becoming more commonplace. However, innovation continues to move forward and Educational Technologists remain at the forefront to bring these to their respective communities. What is on the horizon? This is the topic of discussion while exploring our past.
  • Technology and Mental Health: Positive and Negative Implications for Individual and Family Functioning

    Craig A. Knippenberg, LCSW, Knippenberg, Patterson, Langley & Associates 
    Craig will discuss how electronics impact brain functioning. Learn about relaxation, Dopamine juices and sleep disturbance. He will also discuss how electronics impact family functioning. Explore connections and disconnections in your own family!
  • The Un-Session: A Collaborative Conversation

    I am looking for something different. Please register me for this unstructured, collaborative space, where I will have the opportunity to talk with fellow Symposium attendees for my afternoon session.

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