DA’s Elementary Celebrates Black History Month

This year, DA’s Young Jedi program was opened up to all elementary schoolers, as we are all JEDIs! JEDIs are community members who lead with justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. Lessons are given to all classes and changed to best fit each room. During Black History Month, each class explored a change maker, a historical or contemporary figure who made an impact. Students researched a person and created a poster about them independently, as a class, or in small groups.

Students in the homeroom classes of Mrs. Beck, Mrs. Belknap, Ms. Mesker, and Ms. Crawford also participated in a presentation by DA student Shane R. and his mom, Mariah. The presentation was about their Black identity. They shared about their family history and how our identity is our own but shaped by our ancestors, all wrapped up in a sweet potato pie!
Mariah and Shane shared some of their genealogy which only goes back for five generations. Their family tree becomes hard to research as they are descendants of enslaved people. They then shared a reading of the book/poem The Undefeated by Kwame Alexander. Finally, Mariah shared her family’s sweet potato pie recipe with the students. She noted that although the recipe was passed down through the generations, each generation put its own spin on it. DA students then got a chance to make their own sweet potato pie out of Play-Doh. We are so thankful to share in such an informative and fun presentation by members of our community.