2022 DA Field Day A Success

In May, our sixth graders and elementary school students participated in field days. Sponsored by our PE Department, students competed in a variety of physical skills they’ve been working on throughout the year. The sixth grade participated in a morning session with beautiful weather and a lot of happy kids. The competition remained friendly throughout the events, even when the bouncy castle nearly took a plunge on its side due to rowdy jumpers! 

The elementary students participated after lunch when the heat was fierce. The water bucket station became more of a water-spraying competition, and the inside stations were a relief from the hot sun. The shade under the music tent, Gatorade, and face painting were also favorite refuges. All students finished their field day events with popsicles and a ceremony to recognize outstanding performance. 
The elementary and sixth grade students had a fantastic year of physical education. Students made noticeable progress in their understanding of sport strategies, kinesthetic skills, and problem-solving skills with teammates. At DA, elementary and sixth grade students have PE class every school day.

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