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Katie Jade O’Meara, ’07: English Educator in China

Katie Jade O’Meara has been busy since her graduation from Denver Academy in 2007. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Equine Science from Colorado State University and then attended Metropolitan State University of Denver, earning her Secondary Post Baccalaureate Teacher License in English. After teaching at a couple of Colorado high schools, Katie moved to Shenzhen, Guangdong, China in September 2019. Now, Katie teaches English at the Shenzhen Senior High School. Besides enjoying the sights, sounds, and food in China, she recently found her soul mate and married Leo Chen in a traditional Chinese ceremony in China on Oct. 5, 2021.
What impact did DA have on you?
DA taught me to be a self-advocate. I have accepted that I need to take more time to perform tasks in my daily life and career. However, I have discovered that I should never be ashamed to ask for help or clarity on particular matters. As a teacher, I can relate to the different learning styles that I encounter in my students. I do my best to adhere to their needs.