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Drew Pluss ‘09, Nuclear Electrician in the Navy

Drew Pluss ‘09, is currently stationed in Guam on the submarine tender USS Frank Cable, and works as a Nuclear Electrician in the Navy. Without Denver Academy, he would not have found his love for math and science which are large parts of his job. 

“All my teachers made learning fun,” said Pluss. “Science was interactive and math was taught extremely well so I could understand both. It’s what helped get me a 32 on the ACT senior year!”

Pluss joined the Navy in 2011, and has gone through extensive training to be able to get to where he is today.  He joined the Navy because both of his grandfathers served, and he saw the Navy as a perfect opportunity to get hands on experience for his post military career.

His training and studies included becoming qualified to operate, maintain, and fix a ship’s electric plan and nuclear reactors, as well as radiological controls. Other training also includes CPR training every two to three years, and this has since been put to use. 

Last year, Pluss was driving along the South Pacific Island’s Route when he saw a car accident and a victim lying unresponsive in the street.

“ [My training]naturally kicked in,” he said. “There was no point where I was like, ‘do I need to do this? Should I do this?’ It was more of, ‘he’s in trouble. Go help him.’”

For his act of heroism and bravery Pluss received a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal. 

Frank Cable’s skipper, Capt. Jeffrey Farah, praised Pluss’ efforts. “Pluss is a hard-working sailor in our repair department,” he said. “The award was given because of his heroism, but he’s also doing hard work every single day while he’s here.”

Since joining the Navy, Pluss has skydived twice (in Hawaii and Virginia), qualified to scuba dive, and bought a new Harley. 

We want to thank Drew and all those who serve our country!