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Students Tackle Bookpass Activity in the New Year

During the first few weeks of January, students in grades 6-8 are tackling a new activity in the library. A “Bookpass” is an activity designed to entice students to read and explore a variety of different genres and interests.
“One of the purposes of a Bookpass is to expose our students to great books,” explains DA Librarian Jolene Gutierrez. “I encourage them to step outside of their comfort zone and choose a genre they don’t normally read.”
Mrs. Gutierrez pulls books customized to each class’s reading levels, including some “wildcard” options, and places them face-up on the library tables. By pulling books off the shelf and putting them out in the open, they're instantly more accessible. The class time is then spent reading and rating the books.
At the end of the activity, classes share some great books they’ve discovered with each other. This encourages classes to be a community of readers and to get excited about books and reading together. What does Mrs. Gutierrez consider to be a successful Bookpass? Plenty of books checked out at the end of the activity.
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