Why Denver Academy

We all learn at our own pace and in our own unique way. At Denver Academy, not only do we understand this, we embrace it. We don’t force students into a mold; instead, we celebrate each student’s unique gifts and talents. We uncover their learning style, work to their strengths, and equip them with the tools to overcome their challenges. It begins with an in-depth diagnostic analysis and a comprehensive evaluation of each student. A unique learning profile is created to address each child’s cognitive abilities, language skills, attention, memory, social functioning, and other areas that impact learning. Equipped with this comprehensive understanding of each learner, our teachers are able to deliver a curriculum customized for the individual and the classroom as a whole. Learn about our curriculum and DA's approach to teaching and learning here. 

The Way You Learn Best

From Smartboards to iPads, teachers are equipped with the latest in technology to enhance and support each student’s unique learning style. In small class sizes, our students thrive in a caring, non-judgmental learning environment that accounts for individual differences while promoting respect, responsibility, community, and acceptance. Finally able to engage in the way they understand and learn best, students find themselves succeeding like never before.

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