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Expert Faculty. Inspiring Confidence. Empowering Success.

When you lead with passion, success is sure to follow. Behind the success of each Denver Academy student is a team of uniquely qualified faculty always willing to go above and beyond. Our dedicated faculty members are experts in teaching diverse learners. Before ever stepping into a classroom, they receive extensive, specialized training in a diversity of learning styles and the Denver Academy model. They participate in on-going weekly trainings and rigorous professional development in order to stay on the cutting edge of education.

-DA Alumnus

Passion should never be taken lightly, and I am lucky that you helped me find it.
Teachers come to Denver Academy because they are creative, energetic and believe in the potential of every child. They stay because they value the supportive team environment and know they are making a real impact in the lives of their students. Many are “teachers’ teachers.” Regarded as best-in-class by their peers, they are frequently asked to present at conferences, seminars, and workshops. But just as important as their training and credentials, is the creativity they bring to their classrooms. At Denver Academy, teachers are empowered with the freedom and flexibility to deliver curriculum in ways that effectively engage, challenge, and inspire each student to reach his or her full potential.

Faculty & Staff Directory

Senior Administration

List of 10 members.

  • Mark Twarogowski 

  • Philippe Ernewein 

    Director of Education
  • Valerie Hamlin 

    Director of Marketing and Public Relations
  • Lori Hull 

    Head of Lower School
  • Jim Levinson 

    Director of Facilities
  • Dan Loan 

    Director of Enrollment
  • Karen Lozow 

    Director of Development
  • Anthony Slaughter 

    Director of Information Technology
  • Berni Vilkus 

    Director of Finance
  • Mark Wood 

    Head of High School