Physical Education & Health

Elementary School

During the elementary years, the focus of Denver Academy Physical Education is on the development of motor skills, coordination and balance. The introduction of cooperative learning, team sports, leadership skills and character development are emphasized. Catching, throwing, as well as tumbling, jump rope and many cooperative games are common activities in the Elementary Physical Education curriculum.

Annual events for DA Elementary Students include:

  • Jump Rope for Heart Fundraiser
  • Tumbling Meet
  • Scooter Highway
  • Field Day

Middle School

In the 7th and 8th grades, various team and individual activities are introduced. The focus is on incorporating physical fitness and health as a lifetime endeavor. This is accomplished through activities such as throwing sports and team games. The primary objective (besides having fun!) is to expose students to various activities in the hope they will choose to participate in athletics and healthy physical activities in the future. Volleyball, basketball, flag football, soccer and baseball are some of the sports taught during P.E.

High School

During the high school years, Denver Academy’s Physical Education courses focus on lifetime sports and fitness activities. Our hope is to instill the value of lifelong fitness into our students. We accomplish this by offering a variety of activities. Lifetime sports, such as yoga and weight lifting are very popular courses. The continuation of team sports that incorporate leadership, team building and cooperative learning are also emphasized. These include Ultimate Frisbee, football, basketball, tennis, floor hockey and team handball.

Health Education

Health courses at Denver Academy are structured to inform and help students lead a healthy and happy life. We offer physical education classes to our elementary students that are infused with a health curriculum. Nutrition, fitness, healthy choices and effective communication are just some of the topics covered. When students reach adolescence they learn about anatomy, age-appropriate adolescent growth topics and the physiological effects of drugs and alcohol, all within the context of their courses.