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Dateline DA is a monthly e-newsletter for the Denver Academy community including alumni, parents and friends. Dateline serves to highlight and report on important school issues and events, as well as topics that relate to diverse learners, learning differences and the educational community at large. Comments, story ideas, and submissions are welcome. Please contact Communications at Denver Academy.

Denver Academy also sends out weekly event emails to current parents--or others who would like to receive them--to provide a quick snapshot of happenings on campus. We send out two emails each week: one for the Lower Division (Elementary and Middle) and one for the High School.


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  • November

    DA Hosts Local & National Visitors to Learn About Our Innovative Education Program

    Valerie Hamlin, Director of Marketing & Public Relations
    Denver Academy (DA) often hosts visitors interested in collaborating with us and learning more about our innovative education program. During the month of November, DA received visits from three schools and organizations across the country.
    “We’re proud to be a model for the education community, both locally and nationally,” said Denver Academy Headmaster Mark Twarogowski. “It’s a win-win opportunity for us to share our expertise and collaborate with these education professionals.”
    Teachers from the Sterne School in San Francisco, CA visited for three days this November. The teachers of High School Science, Math and Middle School Spanish spent their time doing classroom observations and meeting with the DA Program Team and first year DA teachers to find out more about DA’s differentiated approach to teaching and learning. Similar to DA, the Sterne School is a private school in the Bay Area for middle and high school students that provides individualized instruction for diverse learners. The teachers were particularly interested in Denver Academy’s unique and intensive Teacher Training Program as well our emphasis on professional development for teachers. Each year, DA Teachers are provided with 120 hours of professional development, as opposed to the national average of just 16 hours. DA first year teachers receive approximately 250 hours of professional development.      

    Other national visitors this month included the new President and CEO of the National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD) Mimi Corcoran, and NCLD VP, Chief Policy and Advocacy Officer Lindsay Jones. The mission of the NCLD is to improve the lives of the 1 in 5 children and adults nationwide with learning and attention issues—by empowering parents and young adults, transforming schools and advocating for equal rights and opportunities. The representatives from NCLD visited DA to tour the school and find out first-hand how DA successfully serves diverse learners with a partnership model approach, based on committed student-teacher-parent relationships. The NCLD also talked with Headmaster Twarogowski about ways the national organization can partner with Denver Academy to support the diverse learning community locally in Colorado.    
    Also in November, Denver Academy hosted local visitors from Strive Preparatory Schools, a Denver-based community of free, open enrollment, public charter schools, to learn about the utilization of technology at Denver Academy. Jeff Estes (Senior Director of Technology) and Steve Holz-Russell (Director of Education Technology) visited with Jessica Bodden, an instructional facilitator with DA's Program Team, and DA Director of Information Technology Anthony Slaughter. The discussion covered topics such as Denver Academy's recent recognition as a Common Sense Certified School, the 1:1 iPad program, assistive technology, Google's G Suite platform, as well as innovative uses of technology in the classroom. There was also idea sharing on researching new and emerging technologies for schools.

    Find out more about Denver Academy’s unique academic program here.    
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  • Denver Academy - A Common Sense Digital Certified School

    Philippe Ernewein, Denver Academy Director of Education
    Since DA's founding in 1972, much has changed in the educational
    landscape of teaching and learning. There are also key elements and
    concepts that have not changed, among them, respect and responsibility.

    These are foundational to everything DA stands for. An obvious aspect of education that has evolved since 1972 is the integration and access to technology for students and teachers. For this reason, during the first quarter of the school year, DA launched the Common Sense Media curriculum. The Program Team, in partnership
    with homeroom teachers, delivered lessons to all students on the topic
    of digital citizenship. These lessons will continue throughout the
    year. Denver Academy also recently received recognition for becoming a
    Common Sense Media certified school.

    We've adopted this specific curriculum because it shares the foundational principles of respect and responsibility. Through practicing critical thinking skills and learning specific strategies on how to navigate the digital landscape, these lessons and related
    learnings will support our students in being thoughtful, respectful and responsible digital citizens and learners.

    Check out this link to learn more about Common Sense Media and to download family guides and tips for parents.
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  • October

    Middle School Service Learning Project: Exploring the Great Outdoors

    Jennifer-Grace Ewa, Teaching Assistant
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  • September

    Elementary School Blog: A Day at Miller Farms & Exploring Science

    Jennifer Perry
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