Arts and Technology

At Denver Academy, our multi-faceted Arts and Technology programs are designed to develop awareness and appreciation of the creative aspects of life as well as the academic and social. We believe that great cultures are commonly defined by the artistic legacy they have left behind and we recognize that fine arts are a vital part of a young person's development.

According to the Seven Intelligences theory, music, visual arts and theater are areas of giftedness and directly affect a child's developmental and problem-solving abilities. In addition, participation in the fine arts can bring purpose and meaning to a student's school experience as well as building confidence and self-esteem necessary for success and happiness in their adult lives. A well-executed combination of diverse activities helps build integrity, character and self-esteem in our students. All of our arts programs guide students through processes that help them develop passion, purpose, creative problem-solving skills and a work ethic that will benefit their lives on and off campus. Denver Academy's commitment to teaching to students' multiple intelligences allows us to offer many exciting outlets in a wide variety of creative media.

Through DA's continually renewed commitment to the Arts, disciplines such as visual arts, theater, film & video, music and digital design are brought into each student's picture of a quality world. We are fortunate here at Denver Academy to have six full-time creative arts teachers on campus who are continually ensuring and supporting our school's mission and striving to bring imagination, collaboration, creativity, technology and learning into the forefront of our students' minds.